“My final verdict is…

Steel Stretch is the best compression shirt in existence! Plus, it’s cheaper than Under Armour!
If you’re looking for a compression shirt to use while weight lifting, running, or as a cycling undershirt, the original Steel Stretch shirt gets my highest recommendation! (In cold weather, Steel Stretch ICE gets my highest recommendation.)”
Read the Full Review by Coach Levi at: http://coachlevi.com/product-reviews/steel-stretch-shirt/

After working in fitness retail for quite some time and retaining my firm level of skepticism about the possible value in over-priced polyester looking underwear, I finally parted with my cynicism and tried on Steel Stretch.
These shirts fit really tight, not painfully so, just different to what most people are used to wearing. Again, the feel of Steel Stretch took a little bit of getting used to, but after a few hours it was far better than wearing a cotton tee. I don’t know where all the perspiration goes, because the Steel Stretch clothing doesn’t weigh five pounds at the end of a workout session like cotton always did. Nonetheless, it definitely keeps the sweat off and is comfortable even at the end of a workout where I would have normally had a soaking wet tee, cold and sticking to me.
In all, I highly recommend Steel Stretch to anyone playing sports where you sweat profusely. To anyone playing sports where you don’t sweat profusely, maybe you need to train harder.

Thank you,
Douglas Zimmerman C.E.S.
Dunedin, FL
SteelStretch shirts are the most comfortable and well fitted fitness shirts I have tried on. They make Under Armour look like crap…………they also make me feel very secure with myself. Thanks for the new line.
Ray Okelley
St. Peculiar, Mo
I wore your performance attire during the shoot and love the fit of it. I currently train several professional baseball players, several minor league players, several professional football players, basketball players, marathon runners and many more. I am introducing SteelStretch to my athletes for workouts.
Tyrone Davis (Performance Trainer) from Hattiesburg, MS.
As a nationally published fitness model, I spend a lot of time in the gym keeping my body in top shape, and I’m always looking for comfortable workout shirts that look good and move with me while I workout. Well, I don’t have to look anymore, because I found STEELSTRETCH. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and most importantly, they don’t bunch up when I do my workout like other workout shirts. STEELSTRETCH is the only workout shirt that I use now. They’re awesome!
Steve Moyer
Sherman Oaks, CA
I just wanted to let everyone know how awesome SteelStretch is. I have been in sports my whole life. I have used Under Armour for years and swear to never go back. The shirts I wear from Steel Stretch never ride up when I run. They are amazing. They are far better quality and at a much lower price. Awesome shirts!!!! I will be back for more.
Olga Lavdas
Cleveland, OH

I’ll bet the majority of you own and wear Under Armour shirts, sports bras, shoes, hats and other gear. I sure see a lot of gym bags with their logo, and as a clothing sponsor of the NFL, the brand is everywhere and hugely popular in the gym. But listen up; they have competition now in the form of the amazing SteelStretch shirt!
These shirts give the phrase form-fitting new life. When I hold a long-sleeve shirt in my hand it doesn’t look like it would fit anyone over the age of 8, but it snugly and comfortably fits me (I’m a lean 200 pounds and wear size M-L!). SteelStretch is very different from any base layer garment I’ve owned and worn, and as an ex-competitive cyclist, I’ve worn many. Reinforced elbows are a nice touch and extra-long sleeves and body length are tremendous features. I can’t sing the praises of these two aspects enough. Wearing my SteelStretch on the job in the gym– moving around all the time, hefting plates and weights for people all day– I feel warm when it’s cold in the gym and comfortable in summer heat and humidity.
SteelStretch has no seams; composition is a blend of antibacterial nylon, polyester and elastane. This combination wicks moisture effectively; I’m never sweaty or uncomfortable. We all know that feeling of being trapped in a tight base layer shirt after a few hours; I’ve never experienced that with SteelStretch. And here’s another feature I discovered: this shirt goes through the washing machine and a dryer (on gentle) with no shrinkage or other issues. To me this is important, as most of us are very unlikely to sort our base layers from all our other workout gear; no, it all goes into the washing machine in one giant lump of sweaty clothing, and SteelStretch comes out fine.
Did I mention SteelStretch shirts are only $24.95? The’re available in long or short sleeves, sleeveless, and both the regular density and a cold-weather version.
This is my favorite base layer shirt ever!
SteelStretch Shines For Cold Weather CrossFit in the Garage

DateWednesday, December 7, 2011 at 03:17PM
In the upper midwest, freakin’ cold weather is settling in. My WOD earlier this week took place in a 28 degree garage. What’s a stubborn CrossFitter to do? Layers, base layers specifically. Answer: SteelStretch.
Mike Adams first introduced me to his comfortable, stylish compression tops three years ago, at the Arnold Classic Expo. He was promoting his line of what proved to be virtually indestructible, stretchy, form-fitting, warm tops. My black long sleeve SteelStretch remains in flawless condition today; in fact it was the final layer on my upper body by halfway through the chipper workout in my garage a few days ago.
I’ve worn this compression shirt camping, hiking in Alaska, cycling in cold weather, and many times both to Gold’s Gym and to CrossFit workouts. In the CrossFit box is where my SteelStretch truly shines. The reinforced elbows prevent odd tears and wearing; I’m comfortable, and never cold, from warmup through the final, on-the-floor moments of the WOD. Running tonight outside in projected temperatures in the teens, I know that as sweaty as I become inside the box, I won’t be cold when I hit the dark, freezing pavement outdoors. A big plus with SteelStretch; no odors, no old sweaty, gym bag residue in the air. They wash clean every time.
Adams has expanded his line, and a couple of the newer pieces should be very attractive to CrossFitters in cold climes. His SteelStretch Ice line of tops are double the thickness of his standard compression tops, such as I’m wearing right now. These look great, and I’m going to be ordering one for myself. They’re currently on sale for $28.95.
Soon to be available are lined cold gear compression shirts and pants; available for pre-order @ $34.95 each. Without wearing them in Wisconsin winter weather I don’t know how cold it needs to be outdoors for them to make sense for CrossFit.
Of course, Mike also has SteelStretch cold gear mock necks, beanies, the long sleeve compression shirts such as I own ($22.95), and a variety of short sleeve shirts, pants and leggings. Get to his site and place an order. If where you live the temperature is below freezing at night right now, you’ll be gratified to be wearing SteelStretch while you train.